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Less than 9 months old and the world has already let Kelby down so much.

We had a call about a dog who's "owner" had cut both his ears off because they were infested with ticks! We couldn't believe it. We were in even more shock when we saw him for ourselves.

This poor boy's open wounds were starting to turn necrotic and we had to act fast to stabilise him, stop infection setting in and make him feel a whole more comfortable than he would have been since this brutal act days earlier! At this stage, we weren't even sure how deep the damage went - we were just thankful no arteries were slashed or he would have bled out.

Kelby's wounds were closed and thankfully he can still hear, as the ear canals weren't damaged. He's also been neutered and vaccinated and he will be heading to a new fur-ever home in the US once he's able to travel.

Kelby needs Furry Godparents to help him on the road to recovery as he goes through his rehabilitation and training. 


If you want to help with Kelby's progress, you can become his FURRY GODPARENT sponsor for just $25 a month.

Hit the DONATE button below and choose the sponsorship option and, as his monthly sponsor, you will receive 'sponsor only' updates on his progress as we go through this journey with him.

If you can't sponsor Kelby on a monthly basis, we would still greatly appreciation any donation toward his recovery.


Please help Kelby by clicking HERE:


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