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About us

Paws For Change is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of animals on both a local and global scale.

The name reflects our mission to encourage people to ‘pause’ and indeed help ‘change’ the lives and welfare of man’s (and woman’s) best friend.


Paws For Change was born after one too many nights of witnessing the horrors of the overseas dog meat trade via social media and the frustration of not being able to do more. I was personally donating money to so many charities, but never really sure if the money was getting through to where it was needed and even if it was, did it have any impact at all? The answer was to launch my own charity, so I quit the corporate world and put everything I had into creating a charity that would be transparent, effect and 100% of all our profits and donations go directly to our animal welfare projects.


Many people are still unaware of how widespread the dog and cat meat industry is and in countries where there is little to no animal welfare laws, it's hard to make a difference - but we won't stop. Every soul spared is a victory.

Research also showed just how many dogs are in need in our own country - from puppy mills, to abuse cases and those that need adoption or re-homing. We will work with welfare groups near and far to help make a real difference to sick/injured, mistreated, abandoned or homeless dogs on a project by project basis to help raise funds and distribute them to where they are needed most.

We aim to work to help more dogs find loving fur-ever homes and thereby save some of the thousands of dogs needlessly euthanized each year. We also work with local groups to run education and sterilisation programs and vital vet work to teach animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.


Paws For Change is impassioned to make a real difference for dogs worldwide and will work tirelessly on our initial goal to help educate, legislate and advocate for those within our society who show the most love and loyalty and yet are without a voice.


To put it simply, our mantra is: Compassion. Education. Collaboration. Rescue.



“I said…’Somebody should do something about that.’ Then I realised I am that somebody”
~ Lily Tomlin (Actor & Animal Activist)


Paws For Change aims to be that ‘somebody’. To step up. To make a difference....

Will you be that ‘somebody’ too…?