About us

Paws For Change is a registered Australian charity dedicated to improving the lives of animals on both a local and global scale.

The name reflects our mission to encourage people to ‘pause’ and indeed help ‘change’ the lives and welfare of man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

We are working with local people in various areas to educate and change the mindset of how to care for street dogs and other animals.

We work with local vets to increase the number of dogs being sterilised, with our two pronged education and sterilisation programs, working with local customs and beliefs to encourage more involvement and participation.

We aim to make a real difference to sick/injured, mistreated, abandoned or homeless dogs around the world through our collaboration with our rescue partners and shelters; working on a project by project basis to help raise funds and distribute them where they are needed most.

In addition to our own shelters in Bali (we have just opened Bali's first safe house specifically for senior dogs and we are currently raising funds for a specific rehab house to rehabilitate handicap and disabled dogs with a range of acupuncture, physio, water and treadmill therapy sessions), we also raise funds to rescue dogs destined for meat markets.


We aim to work to help more dogs find loving fur-ever homes and thereby save some of the thousands of dogs needlessly euthanized each year. We also work with local groups to run education and sterilisation programs and vital vet work to teach animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.


Paws For Change is impassioned to make a real difference for dogs worldwide and will work tirelessly on our initial goal to help educate, legislate and advocate for those within our society who show the most love and loyalty and yet are without a voice.


To put it simply, our mantra is: Compassion. Education. Collaboration. Rescue.



“I said…’Somebody should do something about that.’ Then I realised I am that somebody”
~ Lily Tomlin (Actor & Animal Activist)


Paws For Change aims to be that ‘somebody’. To step up. To make a difference....

Will you be that ‘somebody’ too…?


​Paws for Change Mission


  • We are a small not for profit organisation who rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need around the world;

  • Fundraising through merchandise sales and donations. 100% of our profits or donations go directly to our animal rescue programs - to relieve the suffering and abuse of abandoned, homeless, sick and injured animals globally;

  • We shelter, foster, rehabilitate and adopt animals in need; animals without owners; abused, mistreated, abandoned, sick or injured animals in need of medical attention;

  • Implement education and hands-on work experience programs for local schools to reinforce compassion and responsible pet ownership in areas where there is little or no animal welfare;

  • Run regular sterilisation programs for street dogs and low income owners;

  • Lobby for greater animal welfare laws in areas where there are none;

  • Fund adoption programs and travel costs to find loving, fur-ever homes around the world for rescue dogs.