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Our Bali rescuer was leaving the vet clinic after visiting another of our rescues when she came across this boy wobbling and stumbling around the road. He was in a bad way, with terrible skin issues but it was his inability to walk properly - and the immediate danger of being hit by a car or scooter - that was the bigger concern.

She scooped him up and returned to the vet clinic where it was discovered he was having seizures, likely due to stress and most definitely caused by blood parasites that had attacked his nervous system. He also had a fever and chronic skin issues. He also had an 'owner' who literally did nothing to alleviate this suffering. Long story short, his future was discussed with his owners and they chose to relinquish ownership and so Beluga came to be in our care.

He was desexed, his skin condition was treated and he was given steroid medication to help with his seizures. Beluga seemed quite happy at the clinic and was most at home when allowed to sit under the reception desk - but that's not a long term solution!

We discussed his ongoing seizures and where he could be placed until his right home is found. Eventually we suggested to our Bali rescuer that he come to the Paws For Change Senior Safehouse as the mellow energy of the oldies and the number of hands on carers there would be best suited to keep an eye on his seizure situation. Although Beluga is only 4-5 years old, he is the type of dog who needs a quiet environment that won't stress him and set off a stress related seizure.

Getting him there was another challenge as the car was a stress trigger and so he was having seizures during the transport. Eventually, he arrived at the Senior Safehouse and we were thrilled with how well he immediately settled in!

He has round the clock care; has learned to become part of a pack; and the seniors have taken well to him as well. Madam Indah seems to show him motherly concern and can often be seen sneaking over to lay on the same bedding where he's resting. 

This beautiful boy is looking for Furry Godparents to help cover the cost of his care, including his seizure medication, whilst he is at our Senior Safehouse. Just $25 a month will help towards his food, medical and rehabilitation costs so he can concentrate on being the goodest boy and finding a loving new fur-ever home!


You can become Beluga's FURRY GODPARENT for just $25 a month (fully tax deductible) and, as his monthly sponsor, you will receive 'sponsor only' updates on his progress as we work through his seizures and restoring his full health and work to find him a loving fur-ever home.

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