Chopper has been neglected his whole life and yet, he was expected to earn his keep every day of his life. He was 'security' for a house who in turn would feed him - but that's where it stopped. There was no love given and certainly no care which has resulted in his mangled form and forlorn look. It's likely his deformities would have also resulted in him being kicked or having things thrown at him in the street because people believed he was ugly and therefore worthless - less than a regular street dog.

He has nerve damage from an accident when he was a puppy, as well as high grade luxation in both hips and knees. He's lived like this for years.

Our vet assessed Chopper and was of the belief that with surgery and rehab, Chopper would have an 80% chance of walking again. So, of course, we took those odds and he's now comfortable, stable and accessing the best rehab regime we can offer, including regular swim therapy.

Chopper is the most loving, cuddle bug since coming to our safe house. It's ridiculous to think the village where we rescued him from, said he was 'fierce' or 'vicious'. Nothing could be further from the truth! All he needed - and wanted - was to be loved.


We're here for Chopper and won't stop until he finds a loving fur-ever home after he's fully rehabilitated, but he needs Furry Godparents to help him on that road to recovery. 


You can become Chopper's FURRY GODPARENT for just $25 a month (fully tax deductible) and, as Chopper's monthly sponsor, you will receive 'sponsor only' updates on his progress as we work through his rehabilitation and work to find him a loving fur-ever home.

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