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denali's STORY

It's estimated Denali is about 6 years of age - and he was once someone's pet.

He was found wandering the streets, starving, covered in scabies and chronic fungal skin disease. He also has two types of life threatening blood parasites.
His nails were also so long, it's a certainty he was kept caged his whole life

Short story - when he started to get sick, rather than seek help, his 'owners' dumped him and left him to fend for himself.

He's now receiving care and treatment with our Bali rescuer. He will be vaccinated and neutered and he will receive the best of care while we find him a fur-ever home where he can be loved for the rest of his days.

While we wait for his hair to grow back fully, he's still a bit of a mystery as to his breed. We think there's maybe some Golden Retriever mix in there, but we'll have to be patient until he's fully recovered and he can show us his true self.

We would love for you to join us on this journey, as his Furry Godparent. If you can spare $25 a month, please subscribe below and we'll keep you updated on Denali's progress until he's adopted!


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