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joni abu's STORY

Joni Abu is about 12 years old. We were contacted about him by a kind lady who has been looking out for him for the past few years, in the area she lives. Joni Abu had an owner but as the dog aged, the owner cared less about him and he really needed to be off the streets and living out the rest of his senior years in the safety and comfort of our Senior safe house.

Poor Joni Abu had already had the same leg broken 3 times due to his failing eye sight, perception and ability to get around the streets safely.

It was also confirmed by our vet that he has a heart murmur and a fatty tumour, but overall he's in good shape - just not nimble enough to be on the streets without causing himself harm.

Once inside the safe house, he settled well and has been enjoying his new surroundings and carers. He's such a sweet, gentle old soul and we're so glad he can now retire in safety, along with our other senior safe house residents, including Madam Indah who adores Joni Abu, like a golden oldies retirement home romance!

Joni Abu will continue to be well looked after at the seniors safe house and will continue to receive specialty medication and an age appropriate diet to help with his age related health issues, but we need help to cover the cost of this specialty care. Can you be Joni Abu's Furry Godparent and help us take care of this old timer?


You can become Joni Abu's FURRY GODPARENT for just $25 a month (fully tax deductible) and, as Joni Abu's monthly sponsor, you will receive 'sponsor only' updates on his progress as we work through his rehabilitation and work to find him a loving fur-ever home.

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