loki's STORY



Sweet little Loki is 100% German Shepherd but was born with a genetic issue that saw him tossed out by his 'owner' like trash; being considered for euthanising by a vet because no-one would look after him.. but the universe stepped in and Loki found himself rescued and being offered the chance for a full life instead of instant death.

He came to our Bali rescuers attention after a kind-hearted woman in Bali alerted us to his situation. Aside from his genetic condition which affects his mobility due to bone deformities in his back legs - and being incredibly small for his breed - he is healthy and super intelligent. 

Just a pup, he will require training along with his physiotherapy and acupuncture to help strengthen his legs as much as possible and give him the best chance at being mobile without the use of mobility equipment. He may still require a wheelchair and he will also definitely require vaccinations and sterilisation in time.

Loki has now secured an adopter who is covering all his care and rehab until she can return to the island of Bali (she went back to Holland to sell her house in order to move permanently to Bali but COVID has prevented her from returning just yet). She is 100% committed to giving Loki the best life, along with her other dog, Balou, who is already boarding in Bali while she is away.