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lolly's STORY

We had a report of a young Bali dog that had been hit by a scooter and was laying in a ditch by the road, unable to move. We collected this beautiful girl and took her to the vet where it was established she had a fractured pelvis and internal bleeding.

Our vet stabilised her and she went in for surgery. Once she was ready to come to our safe house, it was discovered she had also picked up kennel cough. She had never been vaccinated against any canine diseases so we had to get her into isolation at our safe house where she could recuperate in safety.

Once at the safe house, however, her condition deteriorated. She was listless, not interested in food or, more worryingly, even water. The small amounts of food and water that we could get into her, she would vomit up. We feared the worst - pneumonia.

Our fears were confirmed. Poor Lolly was battling pneumonia and so the vigil to get antibiotics and fluids into her began. She was also on oxygen to help her breathe. It was touch and go but eventually our sweet girl pulled through and started to take an interest in food again and, eventually was mobile and interested in her surroundings. 

Lolly is still extremely underweight and she needs to be monitored so she isn't too active - she's still recovering from her pelvic surgery - but she loves being in the safe house and playing with Tucker, whom she adores! Given Tucker's slow mobility and gorgeous, all-loving nature, he's the perfect playmate for a recovering patient!

We see improvement in Lolly every day, but she still has a way to go with her recover. She is looking for a Furry Godparent to help in her bright, new future. Please consider sponsoring lovely Lolly!


You can become Lolly's FURRY GODPARENT for just $25 a month (fully tax deductible) and, as Lolly's monthly sponsor, you will receive 'sponsor only' updates on her progress as we work through her rehabilitation and work to find her a loving fur-ever home.

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