madam sachi's STORY

This tough old street girl was rescued aged 10 years from a vet in Bali who had misdiagnosed her and, with the incorrect treatment, almost killed her.

She was brought to our own vet where it was (correctly) diagnosed that she had a chronic uterine infection that required urgent surgery, fungus and skin infections. Strangely - and most worryingly - she also had 3 bullets lodged in her body.

She's rehabilitating in care now but has a long way to go in learning to trust humans again. For this reason, she can't go into our Senior Safe House at this stage but we're confident she'll learn to love again and then we can see what her future holds. For now, we're boarding her and working with her daily in her physical and emotional rehabilitation.

She safe, but her age and untreated health issues require constant specialty meds and diet.

If you'd like to become part of Madam Sachi's recovery,

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By becoming Madam Sachi's FURRY GODPARENT for just $25 a month, you are taking an active role in her rehabilitation and chance to finally lead a full life where she is loved and cared for. Please click on the DONATE button below and fill in your details to receive 'sponsor only' updates on her progress as we go through this journey with her.

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