mazy's STORY

One of our former adopters alerted our Bali rescuer to a tiny puppy who had been brought to the vet after being found with life threatening wounds from a dog attack.

It's unfathomable how a 5 week puppy, barely weaned from her mother could be so cruelly dumped (along with her sibling who, sadly, didn't survive) to fend for herself when she's only ever known her mother's milk and safety! Mazy was so scared and traumatized when we took her in and covered in hundreds of ticks, as well as the bite wounds to her neck.


We had to bring her to the safe house because, at just 5 weekds old, she's too young to stay at the vet where she is vulnerable to many other diseases. We stocked up on formula and bottles and she's being hand reared with regular bottle feeds, as well as learning how to start eating solids.

Gorgeous soul, Tucker, showed her the ropes at the safe house - how to be a brave girl and learning how to 'dog'. It was great for her to interact with a gentle adult dog like Tucker (who just adored her!) and so she can forgot the trauma of her attack and settled in to being a mischievous puppy!

She has now gone into her 'foster to adopt' home - which is her adopter's home, but her formal adoption isn't complete until she's a little older and can be sterilised. But she's now in a stable home environment and being showered with love from her new family!