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We don't know how long Morris was living on the streets, but he came to our attention at 6 years of age and absolutely on the brink of death. Although some kind soul had been feeding him, he had a severe bacterial infection, suspected pneumonia, anemia, damaged corneas, mange and severe gingivitis. He was also skin and bone, despite having access to some food, and his PCV blood works were very low.

He had to stay on an IV at the vet for a short period of time to stablise. Once he was stable, he transitioned into the safe house to start the rest of his recovery. It was always going to be in his best interests to rehabilitate in a home environment, where he can receive more one on one care and quiet time, than at the vet.

It took some time to get his cough and anemia under control. He was also on full medication for his skin condition, antibiotics for his infected eye ulcer - but he was always super chilled and super sweet throughout the ordeal. 

Once he was strong (and non-infectious) enough to join the other dogs in the safe house play area, he was fairly reserved. He liked being with them, but he honestly preferred his own chill time or being with the people... such a unique dog!

He's going on 7 years of age, but still acts like a puppy, wanting reassurance from his carers and being near them all the time. He's still looking for a wonderful family who will love him and make him part of their fur-ever pack - hopefully there is someone for him soon.

In the meantime, of course there is a place for him at the safe house with his doggo friends, but Morris is also looking a Furry Godparent sponsor him, to help cover his ongoing costs until he secures that fur-ever family. Can you be Morris' Furry Godparent?


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