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pippin's STORY

Little Pippin was callously dumped at just 6 weeks of age, in an area of Bali known for dog meat eating. In a twist of fate, she was hit by a car which resulted in her being taken to a vet by a kind passerby. Thankfully, this likely saved her life.

It was thankfully found she only suffered a small fracture from the accident, but it also meant she was now safe off the streets, into care to rehabilitate and then find a loving fur-ever home.

Pippin looks like she has some Husky mix, making her even cuter! How someone could even part with such a sweetheart, let alone cruelly dump her to fend for herself at a such a young age, is just crazy to us!

Pippin has been taken in on a Foster to Adopt basis with a wonderful couple who have already fallen hard for this little angel. We think things are looking up for her already - and we couldn't be happier!