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Fairy Dog-Mothers and Dog-Fathers Needed!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Fight Dog Meat is an Australian based charity run by Michele Brown. Michele works tirelessly with several shelters in both China and Vietnam to rescue and re-home dogs saved from the brutal dog meat industry.

Whilst adoption of these beautiful dogs is not possible into Australia, you can still help them leave their former terror behind and find loving homes.

By becoming a Fairy Dog-Mother or The Dog-Father, you can help fund the journey of your chosen pup’s transformation from slaughterhouse survivor to loving pet. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the dog you want to virtually adopt

  2. Click on his/her list of costs (vaccinations, food, transport, etc) and donate

  3. You will receive updates on their journey and confirmation when they arrive at their new home!

  4. Sit back and feel good in the knowledge that YOU helped make this HAPPEN…!

Visit the smooshy, hopeful faces of pups awaiting your help HERE