BALI - January 2020

Tourists to the area where Joni Abu was rescued from, said they remember him as a small puppy 12 years ago! He's lived a typical Bali street dog life.... he has an 'owner' but not one that knows how to properly care for him, particularly as he ages and has more health complications.

We were alerted to Joni Abu by a concerned resident who thought he needed to live out the rest of his life in safety and peace. He's had it rough for the past 12 years - he's had broken legs from hit/runs three times, poor vision, a heart murmur and a fatty tumour... but, overall his spirits are still good.

He's settled in well to the Senior Safe House and now enjoys sleeping on a soft bed for the first time in his life! He's still likely to have health issues from years of neglect, but he's such a gentle soul that just wants to be loved and safe in his final years.

Paws For Change are so thrilled we can directly make this possible for senior dogs like Joni Abu, but it only happens with your help! So thank you and please, if you would like to help save more lives, please visit our DONATE page.

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