BALI - January 2020

Not long after rescuing Madam Indah, we learnt of another senior lady living rough and we arranged her rescue and vet care, before then transitioning her to the Senior Safe House in Bali for rehab treatment.

Madam Ori was said to be approximately 12 years old, had blood parasites, anemia and fungus, along with hearing and sight issues due to her age and lack of care/nutrition on the Bali streets.

Again, with supplements, fish oils, liver & kidney support supplements and a specialty diet, she has gained weight and her skin condition has improved majorly, allowing her hair to grow back as it should. Now safely off the streets, she sleeps stretched out in the middle of a room, inside of tightly wound into a ball in a far corner because she never felt safe. She also has a smile on her face now that was never there before!

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