Madam sachi

BALI - January 2020

Madam Sachi is approximately 10 years old and has lived a hard life on the Bali streets.

When our Bali rescue partner, Bali Rescue Dog Squad, heard about her, she was with another vet but had almost died due to misdiagnosis.

Once in our care and with our own vet, her life was about to turn around.

She was diagnosed with a minor fracture to her pelvis, a chronic infection in her uterus, fungal skin infections, blood parasites and, strangely, 3 bullets lodged in her body.

She will eventually transition to the Paws For Change/Bali Rescue Dog Squad Retirement Safe House, but for now her rehabilitation continues.

Paws For Change can only make these rescues possible with your help! So thank you and please, if you would like to help save more lives, please visit our DONATE page.

UPDATE - February 2020

Madam Sachi's rehabilitation continues to go well. She is still extremely cautious of new people, but she's started to show her softer side to her daily carers. She's comfortable and relaxed in her current environment, but she hasn't as yet transitioned to the Retirement Home... that will happen when everyone is comfortable her dominant and tough street girl nature won't upset the harmonious balance currently enjoyed there by the other residents.

You can see just how beautiful she can be though... she wants to love and be loved, but she's had so much trauma in her life, she just can't fully let her guard down - yet.