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Paws For Change Saving Slaughterhouse Dogs

Updated: 6 days ago


Despite the ongoing international outrage against the barbaric dog and cat meat trade - particularly after the Covid-19 outbreak stemming from one such vile market in Wuhan, China - this cruel practice continues.

Fight Dog Meat are a registered Australian charity who have been working to bring this vile practice to the public eye for many years and now, Paws For Change, are proud to partner with them to save even more lives from the cruel dog meat trade in BOTH China and Vietnam.

In China, we will continue to provide monthly support to The Haven to enable them to save slaughterhouse dogs and we will continue to help with their ongoing care and re-homing - but we need your help!

Visit our Virtual Adoptions page to see the current dogs awaiting their fur-ever homes and for a small monthly donation, you can be part of their rescue story. You will receive ongoing updates on their welfare right up until they arrive at their new homes and begin a life of love and kindness.

Here are some of the furry faces we've directly saved from the slaughterhouses with your help!


We have also pledged ongoing financial support to local rescuers in Vietnam to also rescue and re-home dogs from these slaughterhouses. Quite often, these poor souls are pets stolen by dog thieves and taken to slaughterhouses. Our rescuers put themselves in dangerous situations to rescue as many dogs as they can and our support ensures there is financial backing for them to care and rehabilitate them until they reach their safe, new homes far from the horrors that were awaiting them.