wow! what you've helped us achieve in the past 12 months

We've had a busy past 12 months - so much so, that we hadn't really stopped to look at what we'd been up to, until now!

We sat down to tally up just how many dogs we've rescued in the past year, - all thanks to your support.

Since we teamed up with our Bali rescuer and opened our first shelter, we have rescued over 70 dogs, 33 of which have now been rehomed!

We currently have 36 in our care.

9 are undergoing intensive rehab.

4 have overseas adopters but COVID has them grounded for now.

23 are still in care and looking for new homes.

We wanted to say a massive thank you for all the help you've given us over the past year to make this possible. Please continue to support us so we can continue this life saving work!

You can make a donation to our Safe House HERE or shop some of our awesome merchandise HERE

Remember, 100% of our profits go directly to our rescue work!