Who doesn't love a furry friend to cuddle up to?

Or maybe one of these realistic cuties is the spitting image of your real life fur-kid.

Either way, these beautifully presented and quality made plush dogs will last a lifetime.


Quality forever friends, made in Australia by renowned plush toy company, Bocchetta, these furry friends are machine washable and non-allergenic.


These stuffed plush dogs can offer comfort to the elderly who love them as a reminder of their own beloved pets and they have been used extensively for patients with Dementia, offering a physical comfort.


Some of the range are either weighted or have a satin lined zip pouch that can be weighted as an ideal sensory toy for children with Autism or other special needs.


This zip pouch can also be used to keep children's PJs, hot water bottles or some people have found comfort in housing their late pet's ashes in this concealed zip pocket in either Luna or Rocket, as they've reminded them of their own former Golden Retriever or Husky.


These plush beauties also make a great gift for children who may want a dog but are still too young to take responsibility for a real animal. Cuddling these super soft and safe furry friends will automatically teach children the joy of having a four legged best friend.


These premium quality fabrics are also specifically made to not malt or cause allergies. They're easy to maintain and can be washed and brushed just like the real thing - again, teaching children the joy of pet care.



LUNA the Golden Retriever (with a satin zip pouch) is 62cm laying down - $65


ROCKET the Husky (with a satin zip pouch) is 62cm laying down - $65


STARSKY the Border Collie is 40cm laying down - $48


HARLEY the Cattle Dog is 22cm and weighted (can be used as a doorstop) - $45


PHOEBE the King Charles Cavalier is 28cm - $30

ALEX the King Charles Cavalier is 28cm - $30


TACO the Chihuahua is 25cm - $30


STRETCH the Dachshund is 36cm - $35


SARGEANT the German Shepherd is 30cm - $35


CHANEL the Golden Retriever is 26cm - $35


DARTH the Labrador is 28cm - $35


OREO the Pug is 30cm - $35


RAZOR the Rottweiler is 35cm - $45


SHERLOCK the Schnauzer is 35cm - $45


STORM the Staffy is 32cm - $45



Furry Friends


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