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shelly's STORY

Shelly has lived her life on the streets of Bali and has given birth to countless litters of puppies. Now, at 10+ years of age, she has a chance to finally know a comfortable, stable life where she can forget about just 'surviving' and ease into peace and tranquility.

Shelly's health issues include chronic Osteoarthritis, kidney problems, skin tumours, fungal disease, blood parasites and anemia. She also has some nerve issues/damage to her rear leg.

She has spent a week at the clinic, but will shortly transition to our Senior Safe House where she can continue to heal holistically in a loving and supportive environment with one on one carers.

Shelly's health issues are still very much up in the air but we're working to stabilise her as quickly as possible and ensure we get on top of everything that ails her. Obviously, this type of care comes at a financial cost, so we are looking to raise funds for Shelly's clinical care as well as her special dietary requirements and ongoing medical and rehabilitation costs.

If you can help with her care, please consider becoming her Furry Godparent - or at least consider a tax deductible donation toward Shelly's cause.


You can become Shelly's FURRY GODPARENT for just $25 a month (fully tax deductible) and, as her monthly sponsor, you will receive 'sponsor only' updates on her progress as we work through her health issues and rehabilitation as we work to show her comfort and love in her senior years.

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