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Timi's STORY

Poor little Timi is only about 3 months old and was involved in a road accident which resulted in a fractured spine and ruptured nerve. Even with surgery, the vets have estimated only a 20% chance he will walk again. Despite all the pain he's experienced at such a young age, he is the most delightful little bundle of joy and love and he deserves every chance that we can give him.

Timi has transitioned into our rehab safe house and loves playing with the other special needs dogs there like sweet and gentle Tucker and Stella the pug. He is super active and doesn't let too much slow him down! He's sort of learned to hop along on this front two legs and drags his back legs behind him, but he still manages to get up a good speed!

Despite his trauma and history, he's still the sweetest, most loving soul who deserves so much more than he's been given in life.

Timi needs Furry Godparents to help him on the road to recovery. He will soon go in for surgery to give him that 20% chance that he may walk again. He will need weeks of rehab and rest after the surgery. If he's too active, he could actually do damage to himself, so right now he's learning crate training and how to be calm, so that we don't encounter any unnecessary problems post-surgery.

We have all our fingers and toes crossed for this gorgeous little boy.


You can become Timi's FURRY GODPARENT for just $25 a month (fully tax deductible) and, as his monthly sponsor, you will receive 'sponsor only' updates on his progress as we work through his rehabilitation and work to find him a loving fur-ever home.

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