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Tucker's STORY

If you think Tucker looks like a Golden Retriever but you're not sure because something doesn't look quite right... you'd be correct.

Tucker IS a Golden Retriever, but there is also a lot definitely not right with poor Tucker.

He's the smallest GR you're likely to see - the result of living his 3 years of life in the same cage since being a puppy. His head and tail are a regular size for an adult Goldie, but his body is not.

Tucker had 2 blood parasites and infected dog bite wounds on his back and abdomen which were filled with maggots when he came to us.

His wounds and blood parasites have been treated but it's now been confirmed he has a condition called Mega Esophagus. 

He was struggling to keep down water and food but we managed to create an elevated eating station for him so his head is raised when eating, instead of gravity forcing his food to come back up, he can now eat and keep his food down... essential for putting on weight and getting his much needed nutrients!

Despite his trauma and history, he's still the sweetest, most loving soul who deserves so much more than he's been given in life.



TUCKER HAS NOW BEEN ADOPTED AND IS HAPPILY LIVING WITH HIS NEW HUMANS AND STEP FUR-SIBLING... Happy ever after stories like this are only possible with your help, so please continue to DONATE or SPONSOR one of our other rescues - it's fully tax deductible too.