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Tye was just a few months old when he was abandoned in a rice field. A kind village lady took him in but as is often the case with young dogs in Bali, he was hit by a scooter at just 4 months old and both his legs were fractured. Whilst the kind lady in the village obviously cared for him and even tried to use herbal remedies on his legs to help him, she couldn't afford the surgery and wouldn't have known just how much work would be needed for him to even have a chance of walking again.

Thankfully, our Bali rescuer, Bali Rescue Dog Squad were given permission to take him and although just a solo rescuer with limited funds, they ensured they raised enough funds for surgery on his injured legs.

Because Tye then needed intensive physiotherapy rehab in order to get him walking again, it was decided that he would recuperate at the BRDS safe house rather than return to the village. 

He underwent 6 weeks of confinement with isolated toilet outings, but essentially needed to be still for the majority of the time so his bones could set properly. This was no easy task for a young pup to endure - but our rescuer gave every ounce of attention and love to him that she could.

The results were amazing. Little Tye grew into a beautiful medium sized Bali dog who regained full use of his legs and was over the moon to be able to run and play as any adolescent pup should. He battled a couple of rounds of Kennel Cough along the way, but he's now fully healed and looking for his fur-ever home.

In the meantime, Tye continues to live at the safe house with his other doggo friends, but he needs a Furry Godparent sponsor to help cover his daily costs until he secures an adopter.


You can become Tye's FURRY GODPARENT for just $25 a month (fully tax deductible) and, as Tye's monthly sponsor, you will receive 'sponsor only' updates on his progress as we work through his rehabilitation and work to find him a loving fur-ever home.

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