“I said… ’Somebody should do something about that.’ 

...Then I realised I am that somebody”

~ Lily Tomlin
(Actor & Animal Activist)

​Welcome to Paws for Change


Paws For Change is a registered Australian charity and 100% of our profits support local and global dog rescue projects.

We work with select rescue groups and shelters around the world to help sick/injured, mistreated, abandoned or homeless dogs on a project by project basis, raising funds and distributing them where they are needed most.

As well as fostering and working through adoptions, we also have our own shelter in Bali to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs in need.

We are working with local people in various areas to educate and change the mindset of how to care for street dogs and other animals.

We work with local vets to increase the number of dogs being sterilised, with our two pronged education and sterilisation programs, working with local customs and beliefs to encourage more involvement and participation.

With your help we can make a real difference in the lives of street dogs and survivors from the atrocities of the global dog meat industry.

How can you become part of the Paws For Change Dog Squad and help make a difference? We're glad you asked - and it's so easy!

Jump onto our SHOP PAGE and purchase something from our quality range of products for both dogs and humans alike.

Or visit our PROJECTS PAGE and help fund one of our current causes.

If you would like to DONATE or SIGN UP to become a monthly donor, we would love that too!

You can become a FURRY GODPARENT with a VIRTUAL ADOPTION of a dog in need and through your sponsorship, you can follow their journey from rescue until they find their fur-ever home with their new family.

Of course, don't forget to become a fur-llower on our social media platforms to stay up to date with all our activities.

And if you tag us in your pooch pics, you just may see your pup-star in our GALLERY too - like these happy doggos below!


We've opened our very first safe house for senior dogs!


We're thrilled to announce that Paws For Change has opened its first offical shelter - and Bali's first ever safe house specifically for senior dogs.

Senior dogs can sometimes come with age related health issues that may require a special diet or physio regime, but they also come with an abundance of gratitude and love that someone is allowing them to live out their twilight years in comfort and peace. This is never more true than when you're talking about a street dog who has lived a hard life on the streets and now has a chance to know love and comfort for the first time. We've rescued some of our first residents from life on the streets and their rehabilitation and care can begin.

Our Senior Safe House offers a peaceful place for these old souls to enjoy safety and love while they rehabilitate. Our full rescue and rehabilitation program offers a full range of diet, physio and medical options to address any age related issues; soft beds at night; a roof over their head; a shaded yard to explore; and dedicated staff to offer 24/7 company and love. These old souls are available for local adoption only due to the stress international travel would have on them.

Your sup-pawt of Paws For Change in our first year of operation has allowed us to bring this safe house to life - so from our newest senior rescues and ourselves.....THANK YOU!


​Paws for Change Mission


  • We are a small not for profit organisation who rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need around the world;

  • Fundraising through merchandise sales and donations. 100% of our profits or donations go directly to our animal rescue programs - to relieve the suffering and abuse of abandoned, homeless, sick and injured animals globally;

  • We shelter, foster, rehabilitate and adopt animals in need; animals without owners; abused, mistreated, abandoned, sick or injured animals in need of medical attention;

  • Implement education and hands-on work experience programs for local schools to reinforce compassion and responsible pet ownership in areas where there is little or no animal welfare;

  • Run regular sterilisation programs for street dogs and low income owners;

  • Lobby for greater animal welfare laws in areas where there are none;

  • Fund adoption programs and travel costs to find loving, fur-ever homes around the world for rescue dogs.


Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible

© 2019 Paws for Change

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